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Red shiso is an herb that has long been used in Japanese cooking and began to conquer chefs around the world with its strong aroma. Shiso is a versatile ingredient, in addition to being excellent for your health! Until you have experienced it, red shiso flavor is hard to imagine, yet once you’ve tried it, you’ll never forget the taste!

what’s in the box?


You can enjoy a carefully selected red shiso powder, made from red shiso (Perilla) leaves from the mountains of Wakayama. Made with care and love by our VIP (Very Important Producer) Nagaoka-san, our red Shiso leaves are hand-selected and milled with minimally handling to preserve the highest quality aroma and flavor. The result is a beautiful powder that will boost your favorite recipes!

There are two kinds of shiso in the world: those with red leaves and those with greens! The red leaves have a more astringent taste than the green ones and both have a distinctive subtle aroma. We would like you to discover the red version of this beautiful plant for its additional little touch of originality, both in taste and in color.

Its savory, lively, vibrant, bright aroma is reminiscent of mint, basil, cinnamon, and anise with earthy, vegetal overtones. This mysterious taste has recently captivated many chefs, who soon adopted it in the kitchens of great restaurants. Unsalted & unpickled, this premium red shiso powder will make you want to play with colors and spice up your life!

perfect match


If you're looking for an original alternative to basil, mint, cinnamon, or anise powder, look no further than red shiso powder! 

In traditional Japanese cuisine, due to their strong and spicy flavor, red shiso leaves are ideally used for pickling, or in dishes like sashimi and tempura. This ingredient also plays a role in the famous "Yukari" spice mix, which is a popular rice topping. You can combine this powder with roasted sesame seeds, salt, pepper, etc., and create your own favorite spice mix!

This bright dusting powder is extremely soft, so you can use it on hot or cold dishes. Though traditionally served over Japanese rice, it can be used in a wide variety of recipes, for example, you can combine it with rice, pasta, cucumber, any raw or pickled vegetables, salads, and dressings. In Japanese kitchens, it is a perfect complement to the Umeboshi, the Japanese pickled plum, but it works well with any vinegar or other acidic ingredients to brighten up your plate to a beautiful purple color and give a kick to your dressings. 
It also works especially well with fish and seafood such as shellfish and white-fleshed fish.
Added to any cooked grains, it will perform wonders and give your recipe a delicious salty and spicy flavor. The flowery, intense red shiso aroma adds a perfect flavor to your food. Wouldn't you like to try this versatile spice in your kitchen now!  

Discover how to cook it perfectly on our « RECIPES » page. To try it is to love it!

ready to spill the beans


For Japanese ramen master chef Matsunaga-san, this red shiso powder is great for any rice seasoning, but especially with onigiri rice balls that will bring back memories of childhood and their mother’s cooking to any Japanese person. Create your own memories with this unique powder!

For organic farmer Nagaoka-san, both gourmand and gourmet, the strong herbal taste of red shiso powder fits particularly well with any salty-sweet dish! His secret: enjoying this spice at the best with the easiest recipe in the world! Just sprinkle some of this fantastic powder onto popcorn! Definitely a must-try!

Both chief and producer are proud to share recipes with their organic red shiso powder, from starters to dessert, in order to make the best use of its unique taste. Let yourself be guided and open the spice box to embark on a trip to Japan and its flavors! More on our « RECIPES » page.

good spice, good life


Shiso leaves are good for you! This premium spice is not only good for enhancing your favorite dish, but it’s also your body’s best buddy! Indeed, our powder has many health benefits and can be used to treat, or at least alleviate certain everyday ailments. A good reason, in addition to its taste, to try it!

Cultivated by organic farming, this spice is also an excellent source of calcium and iron that contain cancer-fighting properties and helps improve blood circulation. In addition, it offers the ability to improve digestion and stimulate your appetite.
Shiso is also used to fight against many allergies. It helps treat people with liver problems, decreases aggressiveness, violence, stress, anxiety. Shiso is even effective against colds, asthma, coughs and has a preventive effect against the flu. Indeed, this plant has many antiseptic, mineralizing, alkalizing properties, and can reduce in the production of histamine or immunoglobulin E.

Truly your body’s best buddy, I am telling you!

And since we love green, all our products and packaging have an eco-friendly approach to resource management and environmental protection, in order to consider the complex interrelationships of an entire ecosystem. All-natural, pesticide-free, no colorings, no fillers, no additives, no msg, no preservatives, dried naturally, and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques, our products are 100% organic, 100% pure, 100% delicious!

Discover how we think green on our « CONCEPT » page.

choose your box!


Great care also went into the packaging of this red shiso powder - since spices lose their strong flavor and scent when opened and left exposed to air for too long, this powder is packed into small packets. This lets you use just as much or as little as you want at a time without worrying about the rest losing its freshness.

Check our « TIPS » page to learn more about the spice conservation process!

Your spice box will come in a typical and elegant Japanese origami packaging, transporting you to Japan right from the first glance, but you can also check out our related flatpack products. 
A question, an observation? Check out our « FAQ » section, and if you can't find an answer, then ask! 



Ingredient : 100% japanese dried red shiso leaves (from Wakayama prefecture).
Processed, sorted and packed in Japan.
Packed in a food grade sealed spice pouch.
Net weight : 10g (0,35oz).
Country of origin : Japan.
Conditions and length of preservation: when sealed, store in a dry, cool place and away from the light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator, consume quickly.
After contact with the air, the color and taste of spices may change, but they remain edible.

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