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this month special spice is


It's the Japanese version of Sichuan pepper in a slightly different way, flavored to perfection, subtle and excellent for your health! Until you have experienced it, sansho pepper flavor is hard to imagine, yet once you’ve tried it you’ll never forget the taste!

You can enjoy here a sansho pepper powder, a unique Japanese pepper that has a fresh aroma and spicy flavor. Made with care and love by our VIP (Very Important Producer) Nagaoka-san from the mountain of Wakayama, well-known for its production of premium sansho pepper, this premium powder is famous worldwide for having a rich aroma and great umami when added to any dish. It’s truly a wonderful and versatile spice to give a kick to your favorite recipes. 


Sansho is a must-have but you may love too to try its colored and spicy friends