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It's the Japanese version of Sichuan pepper in a slightly different way, flavored to perfection, subtle and excellent for your health! Until you have experienced it, sansho pepper flavor is hard to imagine, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never forget the taste!

what’s in the box?

You can enjoy a sansho pepper powder, a unique Japanese pepper that has a fresh aroma and spicy flavor. Made with care and love by our VIP (Very Important Producer) Nagaoka-san from the mountains of Wakayama, well-known for its production of premium sansho pepper, this premium powder is famous worldwide for having a rich aroma and great umami when added to any dish. It’s truly a wonderful and versatile spice to give a kick to your favorite recipes. 
But what makes our sansho an exceptional product is the love and care we put in it!  Indeed, to obtain an exceptional taste and color, all the difference is made on the attention brought to the transformation of the spice.  For example, to get that bright green color that looks like matcha, Nagaoka-san, hand peels all the sansho barks one by one!  Also, when sansho is ground into powder, Nagaoka-san grinds it slowly, processing it manually with a stone mill to prevent the heat from affecting the aroma and color.  Yes, we want the best for you!
Sansho’s flavor takes about fifteen seconds for it to give all its nuances. Then, you can feel this spicy sublime scent that reminds you of fresh lemon and woody citrus. It will deliver all its roundness and its finesse on the finish. You will then find then a savory flavor of lemongrass and its minty freshness on a spicy and subtly peppery background, reminiscent of lemon & white pepper.
On the spicy side, we could compare sansho to Sichuan pepper, both being not in the pungent berries family but in berries with astonishing anesthetic properties that don’t sting but rather deliver a very pleasant feeling to your tongue and lips. 

perfect match

If you like subtle flavor, sansho pepper is very fragrant and may have to be used sparingly in all kind of dishes, from starters to dessert. For strong spices aficionados, it may be interesting to grill it for 2 or 3 minutes in a dry pan dry so that it releases more flavor.
Our advice to start spicing up your life with sansho pepper is to simply mix it with salt to make a versatile « sansho flavored salt" and to sprinkle the preparation on your favorite grilled meat. It is a pepper that suits Kobe beef or beef tataki, so it will sure give a twist to your barbecue and/or grilling parties!
In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is used with eel donburi and yakitori. In the Kansai region and other areas of Japan, it is also used to add heat and flavor to udon dishes. Otherwise, it goes perfectly well in all marinades for raw, baked, or steamed fish, and all sauces and stews, mainly for shellfish: scallops, shrimps, prawns, lobster tails, lobsters, etc. It will also perfectly match with pork stews, all kinds of meats (white, lamb, beef, etc.), noodles, rice, wok dishes, etc.
It can also be added to a wide range of deep-fried preparations, including kara-age (Japanese fried chicken), chicken wings, tempura, chips, and many others. It also goes well with teriyaki sauce, miso, and mayo. 
Otherwise, you can use it as a condiment in a fish or meat tartare, potato or fish papillotes, salads.. in short: everywhere! 
Its use even extends to desserts where it will do wonders, particularly with chocolate, but also with fruits, so use it in your cakes, pies, fruit salads, muffins, macaroons, mousses, cookies, sweet drinks, smoothies, etc.
Lastly, you might consider using it in all your recipes in place of black pepper.
Discover how to cook it perfectly on our « RECIPES » page. To try it is to love it! 

ready to spill the beans

For Japanese ramen master chef Matsunaga-san, the perfect way to eat sansho pepper can be found everywhere, even in the most unexpected moment. His secret is to try sansho powder early in the morning with your best coffee blend. Simply sprinkle the powder on top of your creamy coffee and you have a twist chai tea-like drinking that will give you a kick for the day!
For organic farmer Nagaoka-san, both gourmand and gourmet, the sharp sansho pepper taste mixes particularly well with dairy products especially ice cream! Are you too in the mood for a sansho espresso and gelato for dessert? 
Both chief and producer are proud to share recipes with their organic sansho powder, from starter to dessert, in order to make the best use of its unique taste. Let yourself be guided and open the spice box to embark on a trip to Japan and its flavors! More on our « RECIPES » page.

good spice, good life

Sansho pepper is good for you! Sansho is not only good for enhancing your favorite dish, but it’s also your body’s best buddy! 
Cultivated by organic farming, this spice boosts metabolism and helps blood circulation like an herbal medicine. It has the typical benefits of its species which are mainly anesthetic, soothing, and pain-relieving virtues. It is also an excellent digestive that will relieve stomach aches.
As an aside, it also seems to have aphrodisiac properties!
Truly your body’s best buddy, I am telling you!
And since we love green, all our products and packaging have an eco-friendly approach to resource management and environmental protection, in order to consider the complex interrelationships of an entire ecosystem. All-natural, pesticide-free, no colorings, no fillers, no additives, no msg, no preservatives, dried naturally, and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques, our products are 100% organic, 100% pure, 100% delicious!
Discover how we think green on our « CONCEPT » page. 

choose your box!

Great care also went into the packaging of this sansho pepper powder - since spices lose their strong flavor and scent when opened and left exposed to air for too long, this sansho pepper powder is packed into small packets. This lets you use just as much or as little as you want without worrying about the rest losing its freshness.
Check our « TIPS » page to learn more about the spice conservation process!
Your spice box will come in a typical and elegant Japanese origami packaging, transporting you Japan right from the first glance, but you can also check out our related flatpack products. 
A question, an observation? Check out our « FAQ » section, and if you can't find an answer, then ask!


Ingredient : 100% japanese dried sansho pepper (from Wakayama prefecture).
Processed, sorted and packed in Japan.
Packed in a food grade sealed spice pouch.
Net weight : 10g (0,35oz).
Country of origin : Japan.
Conditions and length of preservation: when sealed, store in a dry, cool place and away from the light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator, consume quickly.
After contact with the air, the color and taste of spices may change, but they remain edible.

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