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Yuzu is a citrus fruit between lemon and tangerine, but its flavor goes beyond, with hints of orange sweetness but the acidity of key lime or lemon. De facto, yuzu is a star condiment in Japan, in addition to being excellent for your health! Until you have experienced it, Yuzu flavor is hard to imagine, yet once you’ve tried it, you’ll never forget the taste!

what’s in the box?

You can enjoy a carefully selected Yuzu powder, made from a unique Japanese citrus fruit between mandarin and lemon that has a typical acidic flavor and is very fragrant, a scent close to citron with notes of grapefruit and tangerine. Made with care and love by our VIP (Very Important Producer) Nagaoka-san from the mountains of Wakayama, this yuzu powder is widely used in Japanese gastronomy, but not only there! It became a fashionable product a few years ago for European chefs and its deliciousness spread around the world in the blink of an eye.

Its savory acid taste impressed many chefs, who have adopted it in the kitchens of great restaurants. As it’s a citrus fruit with very little pulp, very little juice, and a lot of large seeds, the most used part of yuzu is its zest. To be a chef at home, we suggest you use the peels of a basic lemon and mix it with our yuzu powder to prepare a delicacy that is also very popular in the chef's kitchens: the yuzu peel marmalade. Twist and mix it with your favorite recipes. 

perfect match

The dried yuzu zest has a powerful and balanced taste. Acid, but so fruity. Its use extends from starters to dessert, including drinks and grandmother's remedies, in short: you can sprinkle it everywhere, even in your bath! Indeed, taking a bath perfumed with yuzu is a Japanese custom and is a popular tradition to relax the body and mind. Yuzu baths are reputed to soften the skin, as well as to relieve fatigue and muscular tension.

But it is in Japanese kitchens that this product is a star. It is used to flavor shabu shabu (Japanese fondue) or chawanmushi (salted egg custard), in the Shishimi spice blend and is one of the main ingredients of the famous Ponzu sauce.

You can use the powder as a condiment on all your meats: beef, lamb, duck but a must is to combine it with chicken, as they are truly made for each other! 
It will flavor all your fish, weather steamed or grilled. Add it into your marinades, but also into your sauces and gravy dishes. Sprinkle it on your seafood and shellfish dishes: scallops, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, etc.
Also add some yuzu powder to season your soups, summer salads, beets, avocados, hot goat cheese, radishes, or your tofu for vegetarians, in order to add a touch of freshness to your favorite veggies. Really, don’t hesitate to garnish your salad dressing with a pinch of yuzu, it works wonders!

For dessert, you can use it everywhere. Enhance your pastry with its delicious scent: ganaches, Bavarois, pastry cream, whipped cream, cakes, pies, mousses, madeleines, muffins, flans, cookies, etc. Flavor your jams, marmalades, and other coulis with a little dried yuzu zest powder. It goes wonderfully well too with chocolate too, so add a teaspoon to all your chocolate preparations: cakes, chocolate creams, chocolate mousse, etc.!

Isn't your mouth watering just reading this description? If so, don't think twice about it and rinse your mouth with a yuzu flavor. Well yes, it works absolutely great with all kinds of drinks too!
Try it in your favorite tea or cocktails!

Lastly, you can replace any citrus fruit in any recipe with yuzu zest to twist it with its unique taste.

Discover how to cook it perfectly on our « RECIPES » page. To try it is to love it!

ready to spill the beans

For Japanese ramen master chef Matsunaga-san, the perfect way to discover yuzu powder is to make a quick and easy yuzu ponzu sauce. This sauce is perfectly salty and tangy without being overpowering yet rich in Umami with a very expressive, powerful nose with a subtle aroma of yuzu. Homemade yuzu ponzu sauce will sure add savoriness to any of your dishes and the chef can bet that you will appreciate it as a seasoning for your grilled red meats, your raw salads, grilled chicken meats ... This sauce is a must-try for all fans of Japanese flavors.

For organic farmer Nagaoka-san, both gourmand and gourmet, if you want to experience something amazing, you have to give a try the oh-so refreshing, bright, and super-fragrant yuzu sherbet! Even with just a minimal amount of yuzu powder, the yuzu’s flavor is front and center in the sherbet. It is so tasty that you will forget everything you think you know about lemon ice cream!!

Both chief and producer are proud to share recipes with their organic yuzu powder, from starter to dessert, in order to make the best use of its unique taste. Let yourself be guided and open the spice box to embark on a trip to Japan and its flavors!
More on our « RECIPES » page.

good spice, good life

Yuzu is good for you! This premium spice is not only good for enhancing your favorite dish, but it’s also your body’s best buddy! 

Cultivated by organic farming, this spice is also an excellent source of antioxidants that helps prevent premature aging and the development of certain aging-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.
In addition, it has the classic characteristics of citrus: yuzu is rich in vitamin C, is excellent for bone health, is a good anti-inflammatory, and it is rich in fiber for good digestion.

Truly your body’s best buddy, I am telling you!

And since we love green, all our products and packagings have an eco-friendly approach to resource management and environmental protection, in order to consider the complex interrelationships of an entire ecosystem. All-natural, pesticide-free, no colorings, no fillers, no additives, no msg, no preservatives, dried naturally, and prepared using traditional Japanese techniques, our products are 100% organic, 100% pure, 100% delicious!

Discover how we think green on our « CONCEPT » page. 

choose your box!

Great care also went into the packaging of this yuzu powder - since spiceq lose their strong flavor and scent when opened and left exposed to air for too long, this powder is packed into small packet. This lets you use just as much or as little as you want without worrying about the rest losing its freshness.

Check our « TIPS » page to learn more about the spice conservation process!

Your spice box will come in a typical and elegant Japanese origami packaging, transporting you to Japan right from the first glance, but you can also check out our related flatpack products. 
A question, an observation? Check out our « FAQ » section, and if you can't find an answer, then ask! 


Ingredient : 100% japanese dried yuzu peel (from Wakayama prefecture).
Processed, sorted and packed in Japan.
Packed in a food grade sealed spice pouch.
Net weight : 10g (0,35oz).
Country of origin : Japan.
Conditions and length of preservation: when sealed, store in a dry, cool place and away from the light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator, consume quickly.
After contact with the air, the color and taste of spices may change, but they remain edible.

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